Apex A-10 Lite Dinghy Review

Apex A-10 Lite Dinghy Review

Apex A-10 Lite Dinghy Review

NEW Apex Dinghy – Apex A-10 RIB Lite – 10′ Rib Boat

The Apex A-10 Lite Dinghy is a top-quality, 10′ rib boat. Except its special structure, APEX boats recollect the dedication to grade, which is an important component in the concept and manufacture of their creations. As Apex insists on the highest quality, naturally, they pick ORCA® engineered fabrics (Hypalon®) for all of their boats. Other Apex elements fit Lightweight tenders, large tubes for more stability, high-efficiency usage of motor power, v-shaped hulls, and more.

apex a-10 lite dinghy review
apex a-10 lite dinghy review
apex a-10 lite dinghy review
apex a-10 lite dinghy review



  • Length: 10’ (3.05 metes)
  • Beam: 5’7” (1.70 metes)
  • Tube Diameter: 17” (43 cm)
  • Tube Material: Hypalon®
  • Air Chambers: 3
  • Persons Capacity: 5
  • Keel: V
  • Payload: 950 lbs. (432 kilos)
  • Weight: 99 lbs. (45 kilos) without engine
  • Rec H/P (kW): 10 (7,5)
  • Max H/P (kW): 15 (11,2)
  • Twin Shaft Length: S/15”
  • Hull Material: Fiberglass


  • 2 Life lines (safety grab rail)
  • 1 Front cleat handle
  • 2 Side Hypalon handles
  • 1 Light grey raised rubrail
  • 3 Inflation valves
  • 1 “V” hull
  • 1 hull drain with plug
  • 1 Bench seat and brackets
  • 1 Front stainless U-bolt 8 mm
  • 3 Lifting stainless U-bolts 8 mm
  • 2 Oars
  • 2 Oarlocks
  • 2 Oarlocks bases
  • 2 Oar blade straps
  • 1 Foot pump
  • 1 Repair kit
  • 2 Transom engine plates


  • Boat cover

Customer Review :

I bought an Apex in 93 or 94. In those days they were called Calypso but Cousteau sued them and rather than spend money on lawyers the principals changed the name to Apex. Mine is still going strong, the floor has been replaced but the Hypalon tubes are fine. It was a soft bottom, the C7 model if I remember right. I sold it to a fellow club member and still feel a bit nostalgic when I see it. On another note I thought Apex has re-structured or gone out of business. I now have an AB RIB and it is excellent.

Rick I

I have a 3 year old A-10, lightly used on the Chesapeake. It does the job but I would go a different route if I had it to do over again. Several Issues:
1. I would prefer a lighter dinghy, so I would look to the AB lite RIB next time.
2. Water does get between the floor and liner.
3. It regularly loses air.
4. The bow compartment takes on water so everything stored in there gets wet anyway.
5. The layout of the handles is not optimal.
6. The fiberglass floor has spider cracks in the gel coat.
7. The thwart seat has torn the hypalon mount strap with very little use. I have removed the seat.
I would characterize these problems as “minor annoyances” as opposed to major complaints. Just passing along the shortfalls per hindsight. Good luck. Kirk.

Kirk & Donna
s/v Ainulindale

Apex A-10 Lite Dinghy Review

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