Best 17 Inch Laptop Backpack Reviews

Last Updated March 02, 2018

Hello there, searching for the best 17 inch laptop backpack?

Then you are in right place in right time. Here you will have in detail information about the best laptop backpack in town.

So, go through the article with patience and choose the best one for you. A laptop backpack is important for every laptop owner.

Because you have to carry the laptop in places to complete works and meetings. So, the backpack is important.

With this backpack, not only you will carry the laptop but also can keep your essential items at a time. so, the backpack must have all the facilities and flexibility to carry important items.


Comparison Table of best 17 inch laptop backpack

Mancro Laptop Backpack

Best Sellers Rank

Product Dimensions: 20 x 12.2 x 5.7 inches

Weight: 1.5 pounds

AmazonBasics Backpack for Laptops

Best Sellers Rank

Product Dimensions: 15 x 7 x 19 inches

Weight: 2 pounds

Case Logic Laptop Backpack

Best Sellers Rank

Product Dimensions: 16.4 x 11.8 x 1.8 inches

Weight: 1 pounds

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How we picked

Picking the right laptop backpack is important. Because if you don’t use the proper bag for carrying laptop then it is no use to own one.

There are many ways to pick up the right laptop back. Here is what we did to pick up the best ones for users.

  • We made sure the bag is 100% semi waterproof. Why semi waterproof because it keeps the bag not wet for long. Especially the bag is for laptop, so it should be laptop protector. Thereby the bag material should be light and thick.
  • The backpack we picked has a zipper which is lockable. Some bag has zippers but has no lock option. As it is for laptop, for security the bag must have a lockable zipper. So, we have picked the backpack with a lockable zipper.
  • A backpack with the Internal frame is the best backpack of all. Because the internal frame ensures the durability of a backpack. The frame is made of a rod which makes the bag slim and flexible. Also, the frame makes the bag light. The backpack with the internal frame is our pick.
  • While carrying a bag in the shoulder the pressure comes on hip, so a bag with pad belt in hip helps a lot. The belt will help to distribute and support the weight in a comfortable way. So, we picked a backpack with an adjustable hip belt.
  • A backpack obviously has straps. But in some bag, the straps are not totally comfortable. They become responsible for shoulder pain. Luckily, we have picked bags with padded shoulder. These pads are best to give comfortable to your shoulder.

So, these are the main features as we have picked the best backpack for you. We just want to ensure the backpack is not only for carrying a laptop, it will also help you to have nice and comfort experience with it.

How we tested

It is important to test a product before releasing it in a market. Our backpacks are also has been tested.

  • A backpack needs to be durable and comfortable. Before releasing bags in the market, we take a quality time to check the durability of the backpacks. At first, we make backpacks on different materials, then we check the durability.
  • The most sensitive part of the backpack are the attachments. If one of them is not working then the whole backpack will be count as useless. So, we make sure the attachments like the handle, the straps, and wheels if the bag has any.
  • And next to the important part is the bag comfortable? If the bag is not comfortable to use then no use to take the bag. We use the bags personally to test the comfortable part.
  • As the bag will be used for carrying laptops so we have to make sure the bag can carry the weight. So, we tested the bag with the certain weight. Then we allowed the bag in the market which can carry the weight.
  • As we are working on best 17-inch laptop backpack we had to make sure the backpack works well in cold and wet weather. We tested every backpack and made sure it is fit for every weather.

At A Glance Of Our Best 17 Inch Laptop Backpack

Mancrobusines s laptop backpack is the best option for business persons who have to carry laptop always.

This bag is thin and eco-friendly with long lasting features. It is just awesome laptop backpack.

If you want a multipurpose bag then Amazon Basics Backpack for Laptop is the best option. You will get a comfortable and smart backpack.

Case Logic Laptop Backpack is totally comfortable yet professional laptop backpack. This backpack holds everything easily and it is easy to carry.

If you want a backpack with other material then do consider Oiwas Laptop Backpack which is nylon made.

It is the totally waterproof bag. You can use this backpack for any purpose.Brinch Laptop Backpack is the unique and multipurpose bag.

You can use it for carrying the laptop and also for traveling. The backpack is a perfect combination of style and organizes function.

For comfortable and durable use Targus Drifter Laptop Backpack is highly recommended. You can pack anything, yes anything properly and in an organized way.

Texbo Laptop bag is for leather and antic look lovers. You can use this bag in the rough and tough way. It is just a professional leather backpack.

2018’s Reviews of The Best 17-Inch Laptop Backpack:


Mancro Business Water Resistant Polyester Laptop Backpack

Mainly this bag is not for the only laptop, you can use it for any purpose like the school bag, travel bag, and business bag etc and it is perfect for daily use.

This bag is nylon made and the bottom of the bag is long lasting. The bag is comfortable and very light in weight.

The bag has USB to charge your device which is appreciable. The bag has lots of pocket and space.

So you can keep safely all of your essential items. It is a bag with wonderful features.


  • This 20 x 12.2 x 5.7-inch bag is perfect for any 17-inch laptop.
  • You will find types of pockets in this bag. 3 big, 9 small and 2 sides sealed pockets gives you advantage to keep your favorite book, cloth and many more things easily aside your laptop.
  • Zippers are metallic and have lock combination. The metal is sturdy and durable.
  • The backpack is nylon made. The shoulder straps are padded and curved.
  • Best travel bag with a compact design.
  • The backpack is full of space and can carry a lot.
  • The straps are comfortable and sturdy.
  • You can call it all-rounder backpack.
  • Some customers have a problem with the size of the pockets.

AmazonBasics Backpack for Laptops Up To 17-Inch

If you travel much with the laptop then you have to keep this bag on your list. This backpack is best laptop protector backpack.

You can go anywhere without any worries of having the laptop in your back. The bag has many spaces to use.

The shoulder straps are padded and comfortable. The bag can carry loads. If you are in long tour no need to take extra bags, you can manage your things in this bag easily.


  • The backpack has big pockets which can be used for anything.
  • This 15" x 7" x 19" backpack has pockets for bottles and also phone and pens.
  • The straps are padded and strong to carry any weight.
  • Solid backpack with sturdy features.
  • Reasonable in price.
  • Can take the load without giving any pressure to user’s body.
  • The pockets are not good in quality.

Case Logic VNB-217 Value 17-Inch Laptop Backpack

If you like simple and standard laptop backpack then this bag is for you. The bag looks simple and slim but you can carry lots of thing in this bag.

You can put things organized besides the laptop. The bag has space to carry your essential items.

You can also carry snacks and water in the pockets outside. The straps are adjustable and comfortable. You can this backpack roughly.


  • This 16.4 x 11.8 x 1.8 inches backpack has systemic sections.
  • You will get a speed pocket in this bag where you can keep your valuable things safely and you can access the pocket easily.
  • Best for keeping the 17-inch laptop.
  • The backpack has comfortable padded straps which are adjustable to use easily.
  • The backpack is strong to carry loads.
  • Perfect for big size laptop.
  • Comfortable to carry.
  • Some users say it gets ripped off after some time use.

Oiwas Water Resistant Nylon Laptop Backpack 17 inch fit for Ultra-slim Laptop

This backpack can also be called as luggage backpack. it is made with attractive design and good material's.

The bag is nylon made which is waterproof and high in quality. You can carry the bag with comfortable straps and can travel for long with the laptop.

The bag has enough space to use it as travel bag also.


  • This luggage type backpack has straps which ensure comfort.
  • The backpack has space for the laptop and all kinds of important things like pen, mobile, clothes etc.
  • The material of the bag is nylon. It is high in quality and water resistant.
  • The zipper of the bag is metal made and durable.
  • The bag is very handy to use as any bag you want.
  • The weight of the bag is light in weight and easy to carry.
  • The straps keep your shoulder pain free.
  • Some user has complained about the zipper for not being durable.

Laptop Backpack ,BRINCH(TM) Multifunctional Unisex Luggage & Travel Bags Knapsack

Those who want a laptop bag and also a travel bag then this bag is highly recommended for them.

You can use this laptop bag as travel bag also. The backpack is durable and perfect for daily use.

You can keep a laptop and all other things separately and beautifully. Your 17-inch laptop will be safe and sound in this bag.

And if you are carrying lots of things then you can keep in this bag because the straps are strong and comfortable. You will not get hurt in a shoulder.


  • The laptop has many spaces to keep things with your laptop.
  • The straps are padded and comfortable, the straps help a lot in supporting your backpack.
  • The bag has the handle, which helps to carry the bag easily to any place.
  • The design of the bag is unique and stunning in look.
  • Fashionable and long-lasting backpack.
  • Has many pockets to keep things organized.
  • Very comfortable to use.
  • Some user has complained about the material of the bag.

Targus Drifter II Backpack for 17-Inch Laptop

If you want a rough and tough looking backpack then yes, this bag is for you. The bag is best for daily use.

You can use this bag for any purpose. You can carry your laptop, mobile, tablet, books and many things in this bag for its vicious space.

You can carry loads comfortably and easily without feeling any pain in the shoulder.


  • The bag has space and pockets.
  • Nylon made the bag with durable features. The bag is water resistant. The zipper of the bag is strong and easy.
  • The handles of the bag are made with metal grommet and cabling plastic.
  • Comfortable and durable bag.
  • Simple in look but perfect to use it roughly.
  • Spaces help to keep things organized.
  • The construction of the bag is poor.

Texbo Real Thick Cowhide Leather Men's Shoulder Briefcase Fit 17" Laptop Bag Tote

This bag is for lather lovers. The leather of the bag is thick and strong. The leather keeps your laptop safe for forever.

The best thing about this bag is the straps of this bag are versatile. You can use the traps in any way you want. The bag has unique look with nice design.


  • The leather is imported and is strong in a feature.
  • The design is classic.
  • The straps help you to use the bag as the handbag, briefcase, and shoulder bag.
  • The leather makes the bag to last for forever. You can use this bag for daily rough
  • The leather is the main attraction of this bag.
  • Great bag with a high-quality feature.
  • Easy to carry for comfortable straps.
  • The bag gets stain easily.

Final Words

To choose the best backpack for your laptop is not the easy task. Because body type, style, and budget differ from man to man to use a particular backpack.

So here we have tried to review top 7 best 17 inch laptop backpack for helping to cut the list in short.

Now it is up to you to check which backpack is perfect for your laptop. Trust me when you will get any one of this backpack you will not get any new one for a long time and that is for sure.

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