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Let me ask a question do girls like a man with a beard? Well, the answer is 100% yes.

Don't you believe it? Just google or go to any market you will see how men are searching for best beard growth products.

But growing beard is not so easy. You will be in shock to know the truth that growing beard is not so easy as it seems.


Comparison Table of best beard growth products

Beard Grow XL

Best Sellers Rank

Prophet and Tools Beard Oil

Honest Amish Beard Balm

Best Sellers Rank

It takes time, tolerance, trimming, grooming, beard growing products to have an awesome looking beard.

​You will see so many suggestions and ways when you are trying to grow a beard. But the sad part is most of them are lies and fake. Some will tell about your physical problem, age or genetic issues. But the fact is you need to take care and have the patience to get a good beard.

​Beard growth is different from man to man. Some man gets a beard in a month and some have to wait for a long time. But if you need different trimmed beard then you have to nurture your beard for two to three months.

Till confused? Don’t worry here we will give you the full guide of growing beard. So, the man who are eager to have long beard stay with me for this ride.

Good luck!!

Why should you trust us?

The fact is the staying time in a website of a visitor gives you the result of getting sale or loss. So, you have to make your site trustworthy. Before that we need to know why it is important for a site to be a trustworthy site:

  • Now people is very much cautious in clicking links to avoid scam or malware.
  • You have to be very transparent as your website is selling products through online.
  • Make sure your hosting service is a trustworthy one.These steps tell the importance of a site to be trustworthy.

Now the ways of making your site trustworthy

Is it so easy to make customers trust on online products? No, absolutely no. But it is not also impossible. Try to follow the below ways to gain your customer's trust:

  • Make your website beautiful and functional. It is a sense that you will take a product from a well-designed website with the beautifully organized product.
  • Try to design your site with true reviews and information about your products. Make exceptional contents.
  • To make your site trustworthy you must keep quotes, amazon rating, call to action. Keep pictures and reviews of real users.
  • The truth is we like to be updated as the world is getting new invention every minute. So, as the visitors of a site wants to get new news and the new update. If your site has no update of new products, it is sure that your site will lose visitors.
  • Make sure your site has strong security and privacy. visitors will have trust about your site if you ensure security.
  • Make sure your connectivity with the customer is easy and quick. It is very important to gain trust. Because a customer has right to ask any query about your product. So, if you don’t answer them in time then yes you are out of the business. Share every social site you have. It will gain more trust.
  • Keep easy contact form in your site. This form will boost your sites trustworthy.If you have all these things on your site then your site will gain trust among customers.

Now It is a good question that why you will trust our review about beard growth. Let us introduce ourselves in points:

We are working with beard growth products for some couple of years.

  • We have done many types of research, analyses, and test with various types of products, even we have applied some products on our family and friends to get the real results.
  • We are very serious about our research. We have submitted many articles, papers about beard growth.
  • To read medical journals are our daily task. We keep all the medical information and ingredients up to date.

We have activities in all kinds of beard related forums liker beards and jeffs beard etc.

  • We have all trusted and honest reviews of our real users.
  • We have real pictures of our real customers.
  • We have a functional and organized site with our actual product.

How we picked Best Beard Growth Products

Now the question is how we picked the best beard growth products? Before going to that let’s talk about the pickup process.

You can tell a product is the best after you have personally used it or experienced it.

Without using or knowing about the product you cannot give it the product “best” badge.

The major mistakes we do while picking product is:

We don’t see the product is usable or not, we just go on with promoting. This practice makes the site a disaster.

Another major problem is the product we are promoting on our website sometime is done without testing it.

If the product is not tested then the authenticity of the product is not guaranteed.

If you can sell products with the test then your product will be always the bestseller product throughout the year.

This mistake is common mistake done by every product seller. While choosing a product we don’t do research properly.

As a result, we can’t tell about the product properly and your business goes down.Excess of anything is not good.

Don’t promote too much or less promotion about any product. because now people is too much concern about every single thing.

They do not like excess or less. They look for authentic promotion.Try to avoid these mistakes while picking and selling products.

We have picked 10 best beard growth products from the market. We picked the products by following the ways:


this part is the most important thing while picking up a product. We have done a survey in online before going for products to purchase.

We gave the option of which budget is preferable for the product. Then we choose products after receiving the average price.

Because we can’t sell a high range product if our customers can’t afford it.


we selected our products by researching on the usage of the products among users.

When users use the product frequently then you will need to keep the product in stock, and if the product is use for just some time then no need to keep the product. We kept frequently used the product on our site.


the ingredient of a product is must have to be skin-friendly and natural. As for the beard, the product must have these two elements.

Because the beard is grown from the most sensitive part of the skin. So, the beard growing product must have natural remedies.

So, we chose beard growing products with natural remedies.


Do not worry about the products are not available as we have picked for you. Because we chose the available product for you.

There is no reason to choose a product which is not available in the market.

After considering all the above points we then started to research more and asking people especially beard lovers about the products they use for growing beards.

Then we take personal reviews and explore the experiences. Also, we analyze the market with the products.

You can say we have spent a lot of time in searching the best beard growth product and finally picked the products as you will see on this site later. And hey it was not so easy task.

How we tested

As we believe before using a product it is important to test the products you will tell to use the customers. This made our product more reliable and best seller.

At first, we tried in a natural way to grow a beard for test purpose.

We asked the group to join in the exercise group. Because regular workout helps to increase health and your body fit.

This helps the growth of the beard boost. Daily exercise helps to grow the testosterone which is the growth power of the beard.

The metabolism also helps in growth of beard. The main thing is you have to be active always to grow your beard naturally.

Secondly, stress is not at all good for any health issues. We have tested our products to the stressed people.

It didn’t work at all. Stress is also not good if you want to grow beard naturally. Stress narrow down the flow of your blood through the vessel which is not good for hair follicles.

We advise all to reduce the stress by exercise or meditation. This will keep your hair growth normal.

Another thing we noticed while testing our products, those who are suffering from sleeplessness or has less time to take rest, their beard growth gets hamper.

As you can guess the testosterone is the main thing to grow a beard if you have proper sleep this hormone will be in balance and active to help you in growing beard.

Sleep will also give you relief from stress. So, whether you are using product or not you must have a sound sleep to get a huge bushy beard.

We tested our products on the people who are in proper diet and not taking the diet. Magically those who have consuming balanced diet and using our selected products, the beard growth was working like a magic.

Because once your hair is grown out, there is no way to make the hair thick or bushy.You have to have proper nutrition to get your hair growth thicker in the first place.

Though you will not get a result in a click, but you will experience the change in time. We have tried to use supplements in our products ingredients.

We tested products with ingredients and without ingredients. We noticed that the user who used a product with supplement has a good growth of beard than the other user without ingredients.

Now you may ask what are the magic supplements.Well, they are zinc, biotin, vitamin E, silica, and keratin. Among them, biotin is the best friend for hair growth.

Happily, we have used all these elements in our product and tested them. The test is 100% successful.

One thing we noticed while testing is people who are very busy at work and have less workout or sleep but has full healthy diet plan has got a good result with our products.

So, we understand that the main thing is diet and supplement. We have also tried to use vitamins made in the USA.

Because they are trustworthy.The person who we have tested the products had complained about less hair growth.

We just have to use the product and gave him proper diet, sleep, and stress-free life. Amazingly after three months, he was the owner of good bushy beard.

At A Glance: Our Choices for The Best Beard Growth Products

Now it is the high time to learn about our best 10 beard growth products.

If you are looking for a natural and non-hormonal solution for your beard growth then check this Beard Grow XL Facial Hair Supplement.

This product helps to grow a full and thick beard in no time. You can also call it as hair growth vitamin.

Prophet and Tools Beard Oil offers you full organic and alcohol-free beard growth oil.

Your thin and lifeless hair will be thick and full of life if you use this growth oil.If you are a brand freak and want to be the proud user of the best-branded hair growth product then you have to use Honest Amish Beard Balm.

The product is 100% organic and makes your hair soft and long.To clean and condition your long beard you have to use Polished Gentleman Beard Growth shampoo and conditioner.

The product has all combination of organic, natural, and magical ingredients.Beard Growth oil confirms your super-fast growth of your beard hair. The oil keeps the beard hair moisturized and improves the growth.

If you are searching for the best supplement in town then use this hair and beard growth Supplement.

It works like magic.This supplement is full of vitamins which play a vital role in growing beard.

The Beard Flux XL hair solution is now one of the best hair growth solutions in town.

This solution ensures the healthy hair growth. Your beard will be properly taken care of with care and refreshment if you use this oil.

Art Naturals Organic Beard Oil and Conditioner is 100% Natural and pure fragrance-free solution.

If your skin is sensitive and has acne and itching problem then you must have to use this formula.

Maxx Beard is the perfect natural hair solution to grow a maximum beard with full satisfaction.

It is fully natural product.If you have sensitive skin then use Beard Oil and Conditioner. The product ensures soft itching free skin.

2018’s Reviews of The Best Beard Growth Products


Beard Grow XL

The product beard grows XL is responsible for the natural growing of a maximum beard.

The supplement is full of vitamin which is responsible for growing fast and thick hair.

The supplements are very effective and non-hormonal. You will see the difference in your beard growth after using this supplement.

Your beard will get thick, great and healthy after using this supplement.

  • The product is 4.3 x 2.2 x 2.2 inches.
  • Weight of the supplement bottle is 5.6 ounces
  • You will find all natural vitamin ingredients in this supplement.
  • The vitamins are non-hormonal and effective.
  • The density of hair will be satisfactory if you use this beard growth product.
  • The supplements are safe to consume. Don’t be afraid of any side effects or stomach pain.
  • The result is true and real.
  • The supplements are pills and it is not big.
  • You cannot take the pills daily. You have to take it for three days in a week. And if you don’t follow the rule you will not get a result.

Prophet and Tools Beard Oil

If you have a messy and rough beard then consider yourself with Prophet and Tools Beard Oil.

This oil gives you soft and managed beard in no time. The formula is light but very effective.

It does not leave any greasy feeling on the beard. If your skin is highly sensitive and acne friendly then it is must to use this oil for your beard.

You will feel the magic. The ingredients are fully natural and side effect free.

  • The oil bottle is 1.2 x 1.2 x 3.9 inches.
  • The measurement is 2.4 ounces.
  • The oil helps to restore and bring back the life of your hair health.
  • If your hair is rough and tangled, the oil makes the beard soft and untangled.
  • The ingredients of the oil are super organic.
  • Great for sensitive skin and you can apply the oil on the scalp too.
  • The result of applying the oil shows result at first apply. You will feel the difference after applying the oil.
  • It is easy to use. after applying the sticky feel don’t exist. The oil absorbs quickly.
  • Makes your beard soft and manageable.
  • The organic ingredients don’t leave any sticky feeling.
  • Your beard will get a new and soft look.
  • The oil has no scent. So, scent lovers try to avoid the product.

Honest Amish Beard Balm

Generally, the balm is not made with natural ingredients. But this beard balm is made with all natural organic ingredients.

The ingredient works like a magic in conditioning, soft, regrowth and repairing split hairs.

If the skin is itchy and acne prone the balm will help the skin to get relief.

  • The balm box is 2 x 2 x 2 inches.
  • It is mainly USA product.
  • The balm helps to eliminate the roughness of hair and makes it soft.
  • All the itching problem and beardruff problem gets solved with this balm.
  • 100% safe and guaranteed for your beard.
  • Best for dyed hair.
  • Works well on sensitive skin.
  • Reasonable in price.
  • Some user says the smell is not good of the balm.

Polished Gentleman Beard Shampoo and Conditioner

If you are in search of best organic shampoo and conditioner for your beard then I recommend this product for your beard.

It is a guarantee that you will not switch to any other shampoo and conditioner. The ingredients of this shampoo and conditioner are organic and magical.

Your beard will have a shiny and soft look. The ingredients are organically made. No chance of getting a side effect.

  • The bottle is 3 x 2 x 5 inches.
  • In the shampoo and conditioner, you will get Raw Manuka Honey, Biotin, Eucalyptus Oil, argon oil, tree oil and rosemary as ingredients. This all are very effective in work.
  • When the beards are coming out, if you get this shampoo and conditioner your beard will be healthy and bushy.
  • If you use this product you will not have to use different conditioner or shampoo.
  • Your beard will be healthy and soft.
  • The shampoo does not only clean your beard it also fastens the growth.
  • After applying the conditioner your beard will be manageable.
  • Some user says the shampoo makes the skin dry.

Beard Growth

The beard oil is best for growing beard in fast time. You will get the best result if you use this oil before taking shower.

You can also leave it overnight. It helps the beard to moisten and improved.

When you start to use the oil, you will see that your beard will grow faster, can be managed more, the texture gets richer and finally, you are a proud owner of a long soft beard.

  • Your beard gets the soft and rich texture.
  • Your sensitive skin will get relief from itching and acne.
  • The beard will grow thicker than before.
  • The growth of your beard gets faster.
  • Some users say the oil don’t work at all.

Hair and Beard Growth Support - Men's Facial Hair Supplement

It is hard to find a long beard without the problem of hair falling. This supplement is very effective in preventing the hair fall.

Your beard will also look good and soft once you start to use this supplement.

We recommend using this supplement for 30 days. Then you will see the change in your beard. The beard will grow thick, full, shiny and strong.

  • The bottle weighs 3.2 ounces.
  • The supplement is rich with vitamins. The vitamins help to grow your beard healthy and thick.
  • You can also see the change in your hair and mustache.
  • If you have a problem with hair loss, then you can use this supplement as hair fall preventer. It is known that hair loss is the main cause of vitamin deficiency. The supplement has all the vitamins that can cover all the deficiency.
  • Your hair growth problem will also be solved if you use this supplement. It is a common problem of men that after some time the hair growth gets reduce. The supplement will restore the growth. Also, your beard will be shiny and thick than before.
  • Don’t worry about your skin problem if you have this supplement. Your skin sensitivity will get relief with the natural ingredients.
  • The hair falling problem will get reduced.
  • Your skin will be softer than before.
  • If your body has vitamin deficiency then this supplement will recover the loss.
  • Some user says the vitamins don’t work for their hair growth.

Beard Flux XL

With using this Beard Flux XL beard oil, your beard will look the same even in winter, summer.

The oil keeps your beard soft and manageable. It is important to nurture your beard once it starts to grow.

Use this oil when your beard is growing. There is not scent or additives in this beard oil. So, no worries for getting allergies after using this oil.

  • The bottle is 2.4 ounces.
  • The facial hair growth is guaranteed with this awesome oil.
  • As your beard is growing naturally, this oil boosts your hair growth.
  • The oil is 100% organic and pure.
  • The oil works fast and odor free.
  • The growth of the beard is magical.
  • You're sensitive of the skin will get reduce.
  • You will get the best result after cleaning your beard.
  • The beard will be easy to maintain.
  • The price is not reasonable.

Art Naturals Organic Beard Oil and Conditioner

If you have a problem with itchy skin and dandruff in a beard than use this oil and conditioner.

This cleanser will help you to groom, tame and condition your beard. Your itching and dandruff will also get away if you use this cleanser.

The shampoo and conditioner have all the organic ingredients to keep your beard soft and healthy.

Also, your split problem will get solved with this cleanser of beard.

  • The bottle is 2 x 1 x 1 inches
  • The weight is 2.1 ounces
  • The natural ingredients are Moroccan argan, Organic jojoba, and Vitamin E oils. These ingredients help in conditioning and softening for better grooming the facial hair.
  • Curative and hydrating formula removes acne, skin flaking, and itching of your skin.
  • The antioxidant power of the oil cleans the pores and improves healthy hair growth.
  • No water is required to use the cleanser.
  • Easy to use
  • M makes your beard soft and steady.
  • Some user says the cleanser does not work in cold weather.

Maxx Beard

MAXX BEARD is best for growing beard naturally. Your beard will get all types of nutrition and minerals while growing with the help of this solution.

The solution works for all types of hairs. You will get a better result if you use this in the night and left it to work all night.

If you use this solution you don’t have to use any extra cleanser or oil for your beard.

  • The solution bottle is 1.4 x 1.4 x 5.1 inches
  • The solution will help your beard to grow thicker and stronger.
  • The ingredients of this solution are unique and effective. Your skin will not get any side effect.
  • Amazing product with the best result.
  • Works well on sensitive skin.
  • Works best if it is used at night time.
  • The smelling is not good.

Pure Body Naturals Hydrating Beard and Stashe oil and balm

If you love to have hydrated, soft and condition hair then uses this oil and conditioner mix. This combined pack will also give your beard shiny look. The oil keeps your beard healthy and the conditioner helps to keep the beard soft.

The ingredient of the solution is organic and effective. All the beard lovers must have this formula in the home to use on their beard. The best thing is this formula is very easy to use.​

  • The ingredients are organic and natural. Your beard will be soft and thick with this formula.
  • The formula is best for restoring and protecting the hair. If you have a problem with damaged hair or hair falling problem, this oil and conditioner will help you to recover the deficiency.
  • The balm and oil keep your beard soft and moisturized. Your skin will not face any allergy problem.
  • Your beard will be shiny and oily.
  • Your beard will not face premature graying
  • Your hair follicle will be repaired.
  • Your hair will be tangle and damage free.
  • This solution does not suit in some skin.

Bottom Line


So, all the beard people and beard lovers hope this best beard growth products review will help you to select the beard growth product for your beard.

But before using any product one thing you have to keep in your mind that growing beard naturally is the best option.

If your beard is not growing naturally, first find out the reasons. It may be not growing for some hormonal problem, or vitamin deficiency or genetic problems.

First, find out the problem and counsel with a doctor. If your doctor allows using any hair growth product then go for the product which will suit your skin and beard.

But I will say if you use any of these hair growth products without any doctor’s counsel, you will not regret.

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