5 Things To Avoid In How To Breast Pump

Breast pumping has many obvious advantages especially to busy mothers who want to keep their young ones well fed while there are not around to do it themselves.

And given the renewed interest in breast milk as an unrivaled source of nutrition for infants, it explains why many mothers are now interested on how to breast pump and this piece is all about that.


However, before we even get started on the ways of going about it, here are some of the advantages of breast pumping that you should know;

  1. To make sure that the child is naturally fed while the mother is not physically present
  2. To stimulate increased milk production
  3. To get rid of excess milk that makes the mother feel uncomfortable
  4. To maintain milk production levels while the mother is under drugs or other treatments that would make breast feeding unsafe for the infant

How to Breast pump effectively

There are basically two ways through which women can go about the business expressing their milk; with the help of pumps manual and electric ones or by hand.

Using a pump can be intimidating at first but the process is more efficient as it saves on time. Here are the steps to use for an electric pump.



  • Make sure that the pump is properly attached to the collecting container so that baby’s milk is not lost that way
  • Massage your breasts with a warm towel before beginning
  • Lean forward with the breast in hand to get help from gravity in drawing the milk out
  • Place the shield or breast phalange so that it covers the nipple and start the suction process
  • Do this to both breasts for about seven minutes for each breast

It is as simple as that. You don’t even have to worry about pain or anything else as the suction by the pump feels as natural as a baby on its mother’s breasts.

And now here are some tips to make it easier to do if it’s your first time or find the procedure uncomfortable, to begin with.

    1. Buy hands-free pumping bras as that way your hands are free to do something else the distraction can be rewarding
    2. Relax. Remember everything that has to do with the body giving requires a mind at ease.
    3. Ease in the different levels of suction, that way the body is not overwhelmed.
    4. Remember to massage your breasts prior and after the suction
    5. Always seek privacy and avoid unnecessary distractions; This is a mother-child moment, you’ll be surprised at the intimacy of it all

Best Breast Pumping techniques

However, you do it make sure to observe hygiene as your child’s health might depend on it. Wash your hands, keep your breasts clean, and rinse the collecting container.


You will find breast pumping to be quite convenient and suited for the hectic life of a modern woman no wonder it is such an important part of a many upbringing.

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