8 Tips On How To Dress Like A Gentlemen

Sporting a famed dressing style for men does not give you a guarantee that you would look good.

This is because guys all have different body shapes. Thus, whatever looks good on one may not look good on another.

If you are keen on looking at your best, take time knowing your figure first before having a shopping spree.

Also, have your finances ready as you might need a wardrobe overhaul.A man's figure is usually dictated by his age.

As man ages, his metabolism level slows down. This explains the love handles which are quite visible no matter what clothes they wear.

With this fact, clothes with styles for the younger males may not be that suitable for older ones.

Nonetheless, this should not stop the latter from looking good. They can engage in healthy eating habits and workout programs that can trim their bodies down.

Afterward, each of them must hunt for a dressing style for men that would suit them individually.

Do you want to dress like a gentleman? Well, before doing this you must know the next eight tips.


Be A Gentlemen

What do you mean by that? You may ask. Well, it is of supreme importance to know how to treat other people. Be calm, be patient, treat them well and accord them respect.

You are the king of your inner world, and no one can disrupt you from your inner peace. Walk straight, be polite and by all means, you must have a good positive attitude.

Use Shirts



Now that we discussed on how to walk and to present yourself compartmentally, let's talk on how to dress.

The shirts, especially the dress shirts are very essential in the wardrobe of a gentleman.A dress shirt defines a gentleman.

A dress shirt it's a must in every outfit. Buy casual looking dress shirts, without all kinds of models. Simple dress shirts are best.

Use A Blazer

The blazer is another must. They are all kinds of a blazer, formal blazers, casual blazers and dress blazer.



In nowadays you can use for your daily outfit a casual blazer. Casual blazers are stylish, and they come in different forms, shapes, and colors.

For the summer, choose a light blazer, made from linen texture - not cotton. Cotton blazers wrinkle easily. For the winter choose a wool blazer.

The Dress Coat

dress coat


In winter, you must use a dress coat. I recommend being made from wool too. The color should be darker, and the collar should cover your neck if possible.

The Hat

The hat is a must! A hat on men is like the high heels on women. It makes you look stylish and powerful. The type of hat that you need is called fedora hat.



It's the most stylish hat you can ever wear. Do not use a cowboy hat!6. The TrousersUse dress pants and blue jeans.

Keep it simple. No models, no eccentric color or style. Simplicity is the key to dressing like a gentleman.

The Shoes



Shoes are an essential piece in the wardrobe. A shoe can make or ruin a style. Use leather shoes.

Men’s Dress Codes – Made Simple In An Infographic

Mens Dress codes


What about T-shirts and shorts?

You can use t-shirts and shorts just when you go to make sport or outdoor. Never use this in your daily outfits. A stylish t-shirt is the Izod shirt which I recommend.



Knowing how to dress smart goes beyond having the right pieces in your wardrobe. This goes to show that one must be knowledgeable of the proper care of these classic garments as well.

You can ensure that they are in good shape whenever you need to wear them if they are washed, pressed and folded or hung appropriately.

With this, be ready to spend some amount on reliable detergent, washing machine, dryer, iron, ironing board and hangers.

To keep your shoes from getting deformed, a shoe tree could come in handy. These items will help you have good-looking clothes which you can use again and again.

Does not that sound like great savings on your part after all?

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