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In the modern world, bigger hips represent feminine beauty. Popular celebrities like Nikki Minaj, Scarlett Johansson, Kim Kardashian have the sexiest butt and proud about it.

Bigger hips boost the confidence in women and women with bigger hip are a personal preference for most of the men.

Bigger hips change the complete appearance and give you sexy body.

Many women dream for curvaceous figures and try many methods to increase the hip size.

But Hips are the part of the body which are not easy to enhance. It takes commitment and effort to increase the size of butt muscle.


Here are 7 steps How to get bigger Hips

To achieve bigger hips, you have to follow strict rules and it may take three months to one year to get the change.

But never give up, because of it worth your time and effort. Following the steps and methods in this list can help you to achieve bigger hips within a short period of time.



Working for your own body is the best thing that can bring wonderful results. Exercises take a major part in increasing the hip size and works very well.

Experts highly recommend butt exercises to increase the hip size. A little sweat and little tie in your day can boost the size of your hips.

Here is the top list of exercises which are very effective in building firm and bigger hips.

Side leg raises

Side leg raises plays a major part in increasing hip size. It helps the hip muscle to expand and makes it more flexible. 

First, stand next to a chair or wall to hold upon as a support. Stand up on one leg and raise your leg straight.

Raise it as long as possible from the opposite leg and swing it down. Repeat these steps for 5-10 times and increase the motion every time. Keep changing legs and maintain balance in swinging motion.

Squat kicks

Squat kicks are highly recommended by experts to improve your hip size. Squat kicks must be performed deeper to show best results. Bending your knees deep is a very important step in this exercise.

Stand with your feet in a squat position by shoulder-width apart and keep your fists protecting your face.

Lift your left knee up straight in front of you and expand your leg out in front. Repeat it five times and change sides frequently.

A caution during this exercise is you have to balance the pressure and tension on the heel.


Lunges are well known as the best exercise for toning, sculpting, strengthening and increasing butt size.

Gluteus maximus is the muscle present in the hip area and is the main muscle you have to work on for perfect hip.

Lunges show huge impact on this muscle and increase the hip size. This exercise also gives you toned and strong thighs.

The first step of this exercise is standing upon your feet hip-width apart and bend your knees no more than a 90-degree angle and push it back.

Get back to the position and change your feet. Perform this exercise for 3-5 minutes.


Deadlift is an exercise which involves heavy weights and lifting but it worth everything. Deadlifts help you to moderate your butt size by impacting heavy weight which increases the growth in the butt muscle.

First, Stand straight on the floor and keep your feet touching the floor. Bend forward up to your hip part and grab the bar with shoulder width grip.

Maintain the arch in your back and raise your torso along with the weight. Lower the bar back in the same way you lifted and let the bar touch the floor. Repeat the process for 8-10 times for wider hips.


Grasshoppers exercise strengthens your butt area. First, Lie down on your stomach resting your chin on your hands.

Keep your knees wide across the mat and bring your toes together. Squeeze your hip area up and down by lifting quads upwards and downwards.

Do this exercise for one minute. It helps you to firm your hip shape and size.





Food plays a very important role in the growth of the body. The human body needs various ranges of nutrients like protein, vitamin, fat, and minerals.

Maintaining a perfect diet plan can give you a perfect hip size. The growth of the hip needs the development of the hip muscle.

Eating foods which are rich in protein, fat, and carbohydrates can give you perfect hip. Here are top nine foods which help you to increase hip size.


Nuts are a very good source of dietary fiber and have wide ranges of essential nutrients. You must eat nuts in your diet to get bigger hips.

Nuts are full of good fats and proteins that boost your glutes muscle. Almonds, cashews, peanuts, walnuts, and pistachios are the best nuts forgood hip.


The egg is well known as healthiest food and best source of protein. Egg gives you great levels of energy and boosts your body power.

Protein is an important source for muscle growth and strength. Consuming an egg every morning can help you to increase hip size.


Chicken is a big package of protein and good fats. Eating chicken increases calorie and protein intake.

Learn cooking wide varieties of chicken dishes and enjoy eating it. You can definitely see the change in your hip size after eating chicken.


Steak is a meat sliced perpendicular to the muscle fibers and bones. Fish steak, beef steak, pork steak are different types of steak.

As the source of steak is muscle fiber and bone it is very high in protein and minerals. Steak can help you to improve your hip size.


Fish is high in protein and is essential to gain a good body. It has proteins, fatty acids, and nutrients. Tuna, sardines, halibut species of fishes gives you good important for your hip size.


Quinoa contains a very good amount of essential amino acids and proteins. Take quinoa in your diet can improve your hip size.

Brown rice

Brown rice is better than white rice. Usually, brown rice is a whole grain rice with the inedible outer hull removed.

Brown rice is covered with layers of protein which gives you great energy and improves your hip size. Eating brown rice is also good for health.


Avocado is a nutrient-dense fruit and has nutrient fibers. Avocados reduce bad cholesterol in the body and help you to gain mass.

It contains vitamins, fibers, and amino acids.You can add avocados in your diet for bigger hips.


Spinach is a green vegetable which has a high volume of nutrients and best iron rich food. It also has anti-inflammatory agents. Spinach helps you to reduce blood pressure and boosts your physique.

Yoga Poses for Happy and Healthy Hips

( Infographic )

Yoga Poses for Happy and Healthy Hips




Yoga is most effective exercise on the planet which helps you to tone your body perfectly.

Especially to shape your lower body yoga helps a lot. After doing yoga for few days you can see a huge difference in our hip size.

Yoga poses increases strength of your muscles and improves body flexibility. Here are top yoga poses to get wider hips.


Triangle pose

Triangle pose is also known as Tricone Asana. This yoga pose is an excellent pose which gives you perfect buttocks.

Stand upon your feet and keep your feet wide apart. Move your left foot left side and right foot at a 15-degree angle.

Press your feet on the ground and align the center of your legs at your heels. Take a deep breathe in and out and bend your body to your left side.

Place your right hand straight upwards and left hand on the floor next to your right foot. Stretch your muscle and maintain balance.

Breathing and stretching are most important elements during this pose.

Chair pose

Chair pose puts pressure on your whole back body but it gives you amazing results. Stand with your feet and bend your knees.

Bring your upper body weight to your heel while bending your knees. Lift your arms up and touch your both palms. This must look like Namaste.

Stay in the position for ten seconds and relax. Do this yoga pose for 1 to 2 minutes.

Frog pose

As the name sounds, frog pose is actually fun to do. Frog pose works great on your hip area. It increases flexibility and widens your hip.

First, lay on the floor flat on your stomach. Keep your both hands under your chin and stretch your legs to your side.

Stay in this position for 15 seconds and return back to normal position. Repeat this process for two minutes.

Sun salutation

Sun salutation are the single mantra to stay fit and healthy. These 12 powerful yoga postures give you ultimate body and best health.

It stabilizes your mental, physical and spiritual health. Do sun salutations every early morning to get the perfect body.


Natural Butt Enhancers

Natural butt enhancers help you to boost your estrogen levels naturally. Natural herbs can give you amazing results.

Mother natures have a solution for everything. Maca root extract, fenugreek, Pueraria Mirifica, Dong Quai, Fennel seeds, saw palmetto are few natural herbs which boost your estrogen levels.

Estrogen is a female hormone and the main reason of perfect curves. Increased estrogen levels expand the tissues in the hip area and help to improve the back size.



Medications and artificial butt enhancers are also a solution to increase your hip size. Artificial butt enhancers work on the principle of inducing the growth into the tissues of the hip area.

There are wide ranges of pills, creams, and liquids available in the present market which can change your hip size dramatically.

Choose your medications wisely and research deeply to avoid side effects.


Surgery Operation

Many celebrities and models are undergoing a lot of surgery and operation procedures to get bigger and wider hips.

You can select this option if you want instant and fast results. Butt operation reshapes your hip area and gives you a new look.

Surgery Operation


Size, shape and skin quality are considered during the hip operation. Hip augmentation procedure is simple nowadays as science and technology have evolved.

Silicon is mostly used in the implants procedure. During this process, you have to be very careful.

Many doctors are recommending butt implants to achieve best curves. After the operation, it may take up to three months to see the change.



Padding is a method where you have to fake the whole look with no effort. There are a lot of padding options are available.

You can get padded panties, pants and silicone pads which you can place in the hip area to increase the hip size.

If you have no time for effort, this is a very simple method. It creates an illusion of fuller hips with no difficulty.


Getting the desirable body is not a simple task. You have to make a big commitment and strict rules to achieve your goal.

Put your whole effort and try all the steps heartfully. Bigger hips boost your self-confidence and give you most curvaceous body. Start working right now!!

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