Tips on How To Massage Your Feet like A Pro

Everyone deals with pains and aches. After a long day at work, a massage on your feet would help you relax and relieve the stress.

Unfortunately, most of us prove to be a novice in this field, especially in the case of a self-massage.

Massaging yourself is a very simple task especially because it’s you who know where your feet hurt most. A simple massage on your feet can be beneficial in the following ways among others.

  • Better sleep
  • Stress Relief
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Proper circulation of blood
  • Headache alleviation

Outlined below are step by step tips on how to massage your own feet.


Step 1

warm water

Let your feet relax in warm water for about 10 minutes. The warm water acts as a sedative and is also paramount to refresh your feet and stimulate the nerves.

Step 2

dry feet

Dry your feet after 10 minutes and find a comfortable place to sit. A chair, for instance, is fine.

Step 3


Settle on the cream or oil you want to use for the massage. Apply a little oil on your hands and gently rub it before embarking on your feet.

Step 4

foot massage

Start with one foot and subtly massage it. Begin with the top part of the foot from the fingers going towards the ankle.

Gently change to the lower sole of the foot. Caress the foot using a little bit more pressure as you reduce it.

Step 5


Still focusing on the sole of the foot, change your massage this time into circular movements using your thumbs.

Move from inwards as you regulate the pressure of this movement. Ideally, use more pressure on the harder parts like the heel and the ankle.

Step 6


Using one hand, hold your feet in a position that you can turn it right of left. Use the other hand to turn the foot left and right. Repeat this 4-5 times for each direction.

Step 7

foot massage

Use one of your hand to hold your feet upright. Squeeze it with the other hand as you regulate the pressure you apply in each part.

Step 8

foot massage techniques

This step focuses on the fingertips. Squeeze your foot with your fingertips starting from the big finger to the little one.

Apply slight pressure from the root of the finger towards its tip. The caveat, be gentle

Step 9

After caressing all the fingers, massage the top and bottom of the feet this time more gently.

Step 10

The last step after finishing the massage is to remove the cream that you used. Repeat the same process with the other foot.

6 Benefits Of Foot Massage [Infographic]
foot massage

  • Avoid stressing your hand too much such that it becomes sore and will require a massage too. A tennis ball can act a substitute by rolling it below your feet.
  • Do not massage in case your feet have an abrasion on an injury since the oil might result in an infection.

Your feet are important like any other organ in your body. They need a lot of care bearing in mind they have the burden of holding the entire body weight.

A simple and quick massage will help keep them in the right condition. The success of your massage greatly relies on how you regulate the pressure you put into it.

The interval of your massage will be determined by free time or the extent in which your feet hurt.

The above tips will guarantee you a successful and relaxing massage. Try them today and be the next success story.

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