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How To Polish Boots – A Basic Guide For Anyone

Polishing the boots is a tricky job. You can work on them for an hour and still not get the shine you desire.

The well-polished boots must shine. Polishing is a

task, requires hard work and methodical approach.

It is one of the biggest reason that most military men have shining boots. The secret lies in a combination of right method and hard work.

You must learn how to polish boots if you want to flaunt them with pride, like a gentleman.


Some of the important things required for polishing your boots


  • A rug
  • A pig hair brush
  • A horse hair brush
  • Cream
  • Wax polish
  • Cloth or Cotton for buffing and shining
  • Small amount of water

The Perfect Boot Polishing Process: Prepare

Spread a rug or a piece of newspaper at the place you are going to polish your boots. You cannot prevent dirt spillage which will spoil your carpet.

shoe shine


Use both pig hair and horse hair brushes

First of all, you must understand that proper cleaning is very important in boot polish. A good polish requires that you have both parts of a shoe brushes, one made from pig hair and other of horse hair.

The Pig Hair Brush- for cleaning

The pig hair brush is very hard and helps in removing the dirt in the textured leather. It also cleans the dirt in the creases and seams better. For initial removal of the old cracked polish and dirt, a pig hair brush is a must.

The Horse Hair Brush - For applying polish

Horse Hair Brush


The horse hair brushes are soft and very helpful in buffing and bringing the ultimate shine.Apply Cream Cream plays a very important role in replenishing the leather and prolongs decay.

You should apply the cream on the boots with a clean piece of cloth. You should not use the same cloth for applying the cream on black and brown boots.

It will cause discoloration. Apply wax polish.Once you have cleaned the boots and applied the cream.

You should take generous amounts of wax polish and smear on your boots. You must use more polish at the toes and heels. These parts take the biggest hit.

Brush Hard and Fast

You should move the brush on your boots fast so that the wax polish can melt with the heat of your motion. Proper brushing will bring a smooth cover on your boots.

Bring shine to the Boots - The Ultimate Trick

Bringing shine is the hardest part and requires the highest amount of work and rework. Take a piece of clean cloth or cotton and make it damp with little water.

You must ensure that it doesn't have extra water dripping from it. Now, smear some polish on it and apply on the toe of your boots.

Do this in unidirectional circular motions. You will have to repeat this step many times. After few applications, you will get the perfect shining boots.

Final Step - Buff the boots with cloth

When you get ready to wear the boots you should buff them with a clean piece of cloth. This will enhance the shine of your boots.


You can get a perfect shine on your boots only after hard work. You must also follow the process in sequence.

The correct process will help you in getting the shine you have always been longing for. Filthy and dull boots can make your appearance look faded.

They can make you feel conscious. Polishing the boots is not a task you can assign to anyone. It requires great dedication and labor.

Follow the procedure given above and you will definitely get the desired result. Shiny boots give more robustness to your personality.

They are a proof that you love perfection in everything and pay attention to detail.

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