How To Prevent Breast Cancer By 28%

Breast cancer is one of the leading killers in the world today. According to U.S breast cancer statistics, it is estimated that breast cancer is the second most diagnosed cancer among American women totaling about 30% of all cancer cases.

Medical experts agree that there is no confirmed cause of breast cancer; they however also agree that managing predisposing factors of breast cancer is the best way to answer the big question, how to prevent breast cancer?


Major Predisposing Factors of Breast Cancer

  1. Alcohol use
  2. Tobacco smoking
  3. Limited physical activity
  4. Limited breastfeeding period
  5. Overweight6.
  6. Use of hormonal therapy over long periods of time
  7. Exposure to radiation and environmental pollution.
breast cancer

How to manage breast cancer predisposing factors

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Limit the use of alcohol

Women should limit their use alcohol to less than a drink per day. According to a research done by the American Cancer Society chronic alcoholism has been linked to approximately 6% of all cancer cases.


Avoid Tobacco Smoking

Even though there isn’t conclusive evidence that link smoking and breast cancer specifically, smoking has been identified as a major predisposing factor to many types of cancer including mouth, throat and Lung cancer.

To be on the safe side, therefore, alcohol smoking should be listed among your “don’t dos.”

Increase Your Physical Activity

Keeping fit helps you to manage your weight which as a result enables you to prevent breast cancer.

According to the Department of Health and Human Services, you should have at least 75 and 150 minutes of vigorous and moderate aerobic of physical activity respectively.

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Breastfeed for as a long as possible

A mother should breastfeed a baby for at least six months for the baby to reap all the health benefits.

Breast cancer experts, however, recommend that breastfeeding for more than the minimum six months gives the mother extra protection against breast cancer.

A mother can, therefore, continue breastfeeding baby for up to one year or more for the mother’s own sake.

Watch your body weight

body weight

In the UK 9% of all breast cancer cases are linked to obesity. The above percentage is higher than that of smoking, alcohol use or even limited physical activity.

It is, therefore, the most vital factor that women should manage properly. Involve yourself in physical activities as mentioned above under increase your physical activity’ to help manage obesity.


As mentioned above, even though there is no known cause of breast cancer a research done by US cancer society has indicated that 28% of all breast cancer cases are preventable.

Prevention, in this case, implies the management of the major predisposing factors. It, therefore, follows the above-mentioned management activities you have a 28% lower chance of developing breast cancer.

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