How to Wash Pillows: 17 Steps (with Pictures)

Pillow is the main part of a bed while you want to have a good night sleep.

Without the pillow, it is impossible to rest or sleep peacefully though some don’t need the pillow, it is a rare case. I like my pillow to be soft and cozy. For the whole night, I sleep with it tight in my arms and head and by the way I need two pillows.

But the pillow has to be clean and hygienic. You may the say I wash the cover daily or day after or frequently, well man I am talking about washing pillow not cover.

Because the stuff inside the pillow needs to get washed not frequently but once in a year is the must.

The stuff inside the pillow gets affected by dust and mites. These are responsible for allergies and scabies. So, to be hygiene and get the clean pillow, you need to know about how to wash pillow.

You can wash bed sheet and cover daily but pillow needs to be clean just once or twice. Now you may think it may be a big tough job to clean a pillow but trust me it is just a piece of cake.

Just follow the methods and get a clean and soft pillow.


How To wash pillows like a boss

Here I will talk about my washing process of my pillows. I wash my pillows in the washing machine. As I am allergic to dust mite, I have to wash my pillows 3-4 times in a year.

This helps my pillows the to be clean and free from dust mite.

If you are not allergic then you can wash your pillows 1-2 times in a year.You will see your white pillows are getting yellowish for getting stained.

I use washing powder to get rid of the yellow stain.

Here what I do with my pillows in my washing machine

  • I don’t give my pillows all at once to wash. The machine will make your pillows crashed and your pillow will not get washed properly. So, take time while washing pillows. Wash one at a time if the size is big.
  • After washing make sure to rinse the pillow not only once but again and again. This helps to get rid of the washing powder you are using gets off from the pillow completely.
  • Heard about laundry balls? Well, try them while washing pillows. This ball using method helps the pillow to get dry fast and prevents clump. You can use woolen and tennis ball while washing.
  • I dry my pillows direct under the sun. it helps to dry naturally and keeps the pillow normal and fit.
  • I use powder and liquid detergent both. But if I use powder, I don’t just pour the powder into the machine. I use water and mix the powder and then use it in the machine.

Here is my process of washing my pillows

After the wash, my pillows get fluffy and cozy more than before. But it is not necessary to follow my process.

You can wash pillows in any method you want. Here I will tell about 17 steps to wash your pillow. Yes, 17 steps.

So, sit back and read carefully, after all, it is all about your hygiene and sleep.


Aside from washing your pillows need some care like –

  • Fluff your pillows on daily basis to keep the pillow shape proper and eliminate dust. Try to give pillows a sunbath for some hours on a sunny day. This will keep pillows free from any mite or insects.
  • Remember washing pillows frequently ruins the shape and durability. So, wash it once or twice in a year. While washing makes sure to wash gently.
  • After washing dry the pillow perfectly. Because if not your pillow will grow fungus and turn the pillow in a waste.

Different Types of Pillows ( Infographic )

The 17 Steps of Washing Pillows

Now for the methods of washing pillows. Hope these methods will help you to keep your pillow clean and soft.


Washing Cotton pillows

Washing Cotton pillows

Most of the pillows have cotton stuffing. And cotton is perfect as a pillow. To wash the cotton pillow, you have to:

  • Take the pillow out of the cover. Some pillows are zipped with cover. It is must to take the cover away or else your pillow can’t be washed properly. So, wash cover and pillow separately.
  • It is safe to wash pillows in a washing machine. So, get your pillows and put in the machine. Make sure the washing machine washes pillows with balance and your pillows don’t get abused.
  • Use detergent while washing pillows. For regular washing clothes, we use a scoop of washing powder. For washing pillows and get super white one try to add dishwasher powder, borax, and bleach. Your pillow will be new and extra white.• Now your pillow is ready to go for a ride in a round. Set your machine large and rinse wash. Then start the washing machine.
  • After washing in water then go for a dryer. Adjust the dryer for your cotton pillow.
  • While drying your pillow use balls like tennis balls. Take two clean socks and fill them with the balls. Then keep the balls with the pillow in the dryer. These balls keep your pillows fluff and dry fast.
  • After the drying finish makes sure the pillows are really dry. Check them carefully. If you feel that they are not dry you can place them in the dryer for the 2nd time.And your cotton pillow is dry and clean.

Washing pillows with memory foam

Washing pillows with memory foam

A pillow with foam is not washing machine washable. So, you have to wash it by hand. Here is the process:

  • First, separate the pillow from the cover. You will see the foam pillows mostly have the cover with zipping. Make sure the cover is not with the pillow while washing. Wash them in separate water.
  • The foam can’t be the wash in washing machine, but the cover can. Foams get ruined in a washing machine. So, wash it by hand.
  • Get a washing bucket and fill it with warm water. Make sure the water is enough to drown the pillow.
  • Now it is time to add detergent. Use liquid detergent, it is best. Use 1 tablespoon of detergent for each pillow. Mix the water and detergent till the bubble appears.
  • Take the pillow out of the bucket and place it under running water. Wash it till the detergent is out from the pillow. Squash and massage the pillow to let the dirt out with hands. Repeat the process.
  • Then rinse the pillow. Rinse it till the pillow is free from the detergent. You can guess rinsing is more time consuming than washing.
  • Dry the pillow. Don’t ever try to heat the pillow to dry. This will make the foam crumble. Also, don’t use a dryer. Just place it in a dry area or under the sun. it will get dry.
  • After drying makes sure the pillow is dry. Because foam pillow doesn’t get dry easily. Check thoroughly whether the pillow is completely dry. Because it will grow fungus and get rotten.This is the washing process of a memory foam pillow.

Washing down pillow

Down pillows are mainly pillows made of feathers. Now here is the process of how to wash feather pillows:

  • Separate pillow and cover. Make sure no extra cover is with the pillow while washing.
  • You can wash down pillows easily in the washing machine. No need to take extra pressure to wash with hand.
  • Just check your washing machine is well balanced or not. If not your pillow is not advisable to wash it in the machine. Make the washing machine balanced.
  • Use mild detergent to wash the feather pillow. Because if the detergent is strong the pillow will lose its softness and fluff.
  • Now start the washing machine. Make it wash and rinse for two times.• After rinsing it is time to use the dryer. While giving the pillow to dryer adjust the dryer to no heat setting. This will keep the pillow fluff.
  • Use tennis ball while drying the pillow. The ball will help to dry fast and keep the pillows fluff.
  • Dry the pillow with a patient to prevent to build the mold. If the pillow stays damp use dryer as much as you can.Now your feather pillow is ready to get cover and sleep with.

Washing synthetic pillows

Washing synthetic pillows

The synthetic pillow is mainly made of synthetic materials. The washing process is easy.

  • Remove the cover if the pillow has. Don’t wash pillows with the cover or else your pillow will not be cleaned properly.
  • The best thing is the synthetic pillow is machine washable. So, you can easily wash the pillow in the machine.
  • Wash two pillows together to make the wash well balanced or else your pillows will get cramped and lose fluffiness.
  • Then use the mildest detergent to avoid losing durableness of your pillow.
  • Give sufficient warm water and add detergent. then start the machine.
  • Wash and rinse, repeat the process 2-3 times.
  • Now it is drying time. Set the dryer to low heat. This will help to dry the pillow. And use the tennis ball to keep fluffiness.
  • After finishing drying do check the pillow whether it is damp or dry. If it is still damp then dry it again in the dryer. Or else your pillow will get rotten.This is the ways to wash a synthetic pillow.

Washing body pillow

Washing body pillow

A body pillow is a large size pillow which is especially for pregnant and pain patients. This pillow is the double size larger than a normal pillow. To wash this pillow, you have to:

  • Make sure the pillow is made with high-quality materials. Because if you wash the cheap material in a machine, the pillow will not be same as before. Most of the best body pillows are made of cotton.
  • If the pillow has cover than removing it. Then put the pillow in the washing machine with sufficient water. Make sure it is not hot. Hot water will ruin the pillow.
  • No other cloth is allowed to wash with this pillow. Wash only the pillow.
  • Use a mild detergent which has no bleach or chlorine. Because they are not good for quality.
  • Wash and rinse the pillow properly in the machine.
  • While drying, adjust no heat and use the tennis ball to keep the fluffiness. You can also dry it under the sun but unnatural heat is not allowed.
  • After drying check the pillow is well dried or not. Because the pillow is big and needs to be dry properly. Or else the pillow will be wasted for getting rotten.
  • You can fluff the pillow to keep the shape perfect.The body pillow can also be wash by hand, but it is time consuming and tired work.

Washing bamboo pillows

Washing bamboo pillows

A bamboo pillow which is made from bamboo extract is super hypoallergenic and soft pillow. So, you can guess it is a delicate pillow. So, the cleaning process is:

  • Take the cover away. The pillow and the cover need extra care while washing, so you have to wash it by hand. In a machine, the pillow will fall apart.
  • Fill the sink with warm water. Make sure the water you are using is not too hot. Because hot water will damage the pillow.
  • Then use just a little amount of the mildest detergent which has no bleach. And the amount is also less. Because bamboo pillow doesn’t need much detergent.
  • Get your pillow and place it in the water. Make sure the whole pillow gets wet.
  • Start rub and squeeze the pillow gently with hands. Then place the pillow under a running water. Wash thoroughly and make sure the detergent gets away.
  • Wash and rinse your pillow continuously and get all the detergent out of the pillow.
  • After washing just left the pillow in a dry place or under the sun to make it dry. You can’t use the dryer for its delicateness.
  • Dry the pillow fully or else you will have a pillow with mildew.Though this pillow needs the hand washes the washing process is quite easy.

Washing decorative pillows

Washing decorative pillows

Every house has decorative pillows. These pillows are made with delicate fiber. You need to wash it with care. The process is:

  • Check the material before washing. Some material need to washed with dry wash and some material needs to be the wash with mild soap solution.
  • For washing with soap solution, you need to-
    • Use a mild shampoo and mix it in water.
    • Then use a sponge and dip it and out with the solution in it.
    • Apply the sponge on the cushion and gently rub it until the foam is wet.Then
    • Then take a dry towel and squeeze the foam with it.
    • It will help to squeeze away the water in the foam.
    • Then leave the pillow on a dry surface to get dry fully.
  • For dry washing process, you have to-
    • Use a pail and a towel.
    • Pour a dry solution in the pail.Use a clean and dry sponge and dip into the solution.
    • Then use the sponge on the foam and wet it with the solution.
    • Then use the towel and squeeze out the solution.
    • Then place the pillow in a dry place and wait for the dry solution vanish.
    • You can wash your throw pillows with these two methods.

Washing a buckwheat pillow

A buckwheat pillow is a perfect pillow to sleep with. They are very soft and supportive for your neck and head. The cleaning process is little different. The process is:

  • First, take a clean cover to take the buckwheat hulls when you are unzipping the pillow.
  • Place all the hulls in a place and make sure they are safely placed.
  • Then take the cover and make sure there is no buckwheat hull is left.
  • Then place the cover in the washing machine with cold water and mild detergent.
  • Wash and rinse the cover repeatedly.
  • The dry the cover in sun.
  • As for the hulls. Take them in a clean container and place them near a window where the sunshine can come. You have to keep them for two hours. Do it in twice in a year.
  • When the cover gets dry perfectly and the hulls are warm, then place the hulls in the cover and zip the cover.
  • This pillow doesn’t need to be puff.

Washing latex pillow

This pillow is made from rubber. It is good for allergy and comfort. The washing process is:

  • To fasten your pillow drying try to wash it in bright and breezy sunny day.
  • Take the cover and separate from the pillow.
  • You have to wash the pillow with hand because it is not washable in washing machine. The pillow will get apart.
  • Get lukewarm water and fill the tub with the water.
  • Place the pillow and add detergent which has no bleach. Because it harms the material.
  • Wash gently the pillow by rubbing and squeezing.
  • Place the pillow under running water.
  • Wash and rinse the pillow till the detergent is out of the pillow.
  • Don’t use the dryer to dry the pillow. Because the heat will damage the pillow.
  • Let it dry in a dry area or place it under the sun. it will get dry.
  • Check the pillow if there is any wet area before putting in cover or else you will lose your pillow for growing fungus.

Polyester Pillow washing

Polyester Pillow washing

Polyester pillows are easy to wash for their material, you don’t need bleach detergent to wash it. You can wash it by hand and washing machine also. The process is:

  • Hand wash:
    • Take away the pillow cover.
    • Take warm water in a big tub.
    • Add very light detergent because harsh detergent is harmful to the polyester material.
    • Let the pillow Soak in the warm water for two hours and for best result overnight.
    • The Wash softly
    • After washing Rinse in cold clean water
    • Dry the pillow by air or in a dryer.
  • Machine Wash:
    • The polyester pillows which has oil stain or became yellow needs to be the wash in washing machine.
    • Choose the cycle which is permanent press. This helps to eliminate the damage chance of your pillow.
    • Use the mild detergent with warm water. Because strong detergents are harsh.
    • And warm water keeps the material durable.
    • Use fabric softener while washing. It is to avoid cling while you are rinsing the pillow
    • Dry it in an air or by a dryer.

Washing Microbeads Pillow

Washing Microbeads Pillow

This pillow is delicate and soft. Washing it with the hand is preferable than a washing machine. The process is:

  • Hand wash:
    • Put the cover away.
    • Take warm water and add mild detergent. no need bleach or chemicals as they are dangerous for the pillow.
    • While washing use a soft brush.
    • Use cold water to rinse.• You can dry the pillow in dryer machine. You can dry it in the air by placing in the sun.
    • Make sure the pillow is completely dry before using.
  • Machine Wash:
    • Use a front loader machine to wash the microbead pillow.
    • Fasten your pillow tight for not losing the micro beads while washing.
    • Use warm water and mild detergent.
    • Rinse the pillow in cold water.
    • Dry the pillow in the air or use dryer machine.

Organic Pillow

Organic Pillow

There are some organic pillows for pregnancy. This is best for pregnant as they are mite resistant and hypoallergenic. The pillow needs not much washing. Still, if you need one then -

  • Use cold water.
  • Mix with mild detergent
  • Then soak the pillow and wash it gently with hand.
  • Then dry it in a dry place or under the sun.

And if you don’t like the odor of the pillow then use –

  • Take baking soda and sprinkle it on the pillow top.
  • Then take a soft brush or a mini vacuum cleaner.
  • Brush away the odor.

Washing chiroflow water pillow

Washing chiroflow water pillow

chiroflow water pillow is the super soft pillow which is hypoallergenic and too comfortable. As it has the thermal insulator, the pillow can control the temperature while you are sleeping. Also, the pillow is full with water. The water helps to give any shape to adjust the head and body. The washing process of this pillow is:

  • The washing can be done with washing machine.
  • You can use warm or cold water.
  • And liquid detergent, bleach, and borax.
  • And yes, before washing the pillow let all the water out then place it in the machine.
  • Wash and rinse it carefully. Do check if the pillow is getting expanded with air, if yes then stop the machine and squeeze the air out.
  • After finishing washing don’t use a dryer to dry the pillow. Dry it naturally.

Washing wool pillow

Washing wool pillow

Wool pillows are comfortable and soft. The woolen pillow is highly recommended. The pillow is highly dusted mite resistant and it is hypoallergenic. but washing this pillow is tricky.

  • While washing makes sure not to use hot water or else the wool will get damaged.
  • Fill the machine with cold water and mild detergent.
  • Don’t use bleach or borax. It is totally harmful to a wool material.
  • Wash and rinse the pillow. Repeat the process as long as the detergent gets away.
  • And dry the pillow naturally. Don’t use the dryer as heat is not proper for your woolen pillow. Let the pillow dry in sunny place.
  • The woolen pillow is fluffy enough there is no need to take an extra step to give your pillow fluffiness.

Washing travel pillow

A travel pillow is the most wanted pillow among travelers. Because while traveling you may not feel comfortable and sleep is far away. The washing process is easy.

The process is:

Machine Wash

Before washing the travel pillow, check the material as it is machine washable or not. If it is washable in machine then -

  • Use cold water to wash travel pillow.
  • Then add mild detergent and put the pillows in the machine.
  • Wash it and rinse it properly.
  • Then put the pillow in the dryer, but before that make sure the pillow can be dry in the dryer.
  • Use low heat dryer while drying.
  • If the pillow can’t be dry in the dryer then let it dry naturally.

Hand Washing

If your travel pillow doesn’t allow you to wash it in the washing machine then you can wash it with hand easily. Just follow the steps -

  • Take cold water in a bowl.
  • Then take a rag for use.
  • Wet it with the water and add mild detergent.
  • Soak the pillow with the soap rag and apply till the pillow is wet.
  • Then take another rag and soak with water and scrub it on the pillow to wash away the soap.
  • Place the pillow in a dry place and let it dry.

Washing white pillow

Washing white pillow

Now a white pillow is a very common pillow that every home has. But white thing gets a stain and dirt fast ant the whiteness lost it's glazy soon. So, keep your white pillow white for long you have to wash it with care. The process is:

  • Get the pillow out of the cover.
  • Fill your washing machine with warm water.
  • Add liquid detergent and little amount of bleach and borax.
  • Then soak the pillow in the water. Mix it with a wooden spoon.
  • Then start your washing machine.
  • Wash and rinse repeatedly.
  • Then after washing put in too low heat dryer to get the fluffy pillow.
  • Make sure the pillow is dry before going back to bed.
  • To make your pillow fluffy again try to use tennis ball while washing. It will help you to keep your pillow fluffy.

Washing foam pillow

Foam pillows are popular for their anti-allergenic material. But washing foam is not easy as foam gets the scratch when it is wet some time it falls apart.

So, washing foam pillow should be handle with care.Washing foam pillow is not safe for your pillow.

Cycle and rinse are not proper for foam pillows. So it is safe to wash the foam by hand. The process is:

  • Take a big tub larger than your pillow size. This will help your pillow to soak and wash well.
  • Take warm water and fill it.
  • Add mild liquid detergent.
  • Now dap the pillow in the soapy warm water.
  • Squeeze and rub the pillow then soak it in a clean water.
  • If the pillow has stain then use the soft brush and scrub it.
  • While rinsing takes cold water and soaks the pillow there.
  • Rinse the pillow till all the detergent gets out from the pillow.
  • Squeeze the pillow to let out the water.
  • Hang it on a place to drop out the water.
  • Dry it in a sunny place by hanging from cloth line.
  • Do not use the machine dryer. It will ruin the shape and the structure of your pillow.

So here is a total guideline on how to wash pillows. It is not so tough as it sounds, right?

Just make sure you know the material of the pillow and all information about it. If you don’t you will get a tore pillow after washing it.

So, read the label of your pillow and make sure of what type of washing your pillow requires.

As we sleep for a long time in our bed, our sweat, dead skin makes our bed and pillow unhygienic. These led us to many sicknesses like allergies, asthma, and scabies etc.

so it is required to wash the pillow once or twice in a year and the sheet daily or frequently.

This step will keep us healthy and have sound sleep with your favorite pillow by your side.

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