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10 Quick Tips Regarding Mens Casual Boots To Wear With Jeans

Men's shoes are not just for riding and biking, there are a lot of fashionable casual boots out there that are designed to wear with the jeans complete the look in the best possible way.

Men's casual shoes come packaged differently and whereas some make a great addition to a formal look, others may be suitable for a casual look that is still fashionable.

So you can make a huge difference in your wardrobe choice by choosing the perfect men's casual boots to wear with jeans.

No man's wardrobe is complete without a nice pair of jeans. Getting your jeans to match your shoes is therefore extremely important.

Let us talk about the tips on what shoes to wear with jeans.


What Kind of Shoes matches perfectly with your Jeans?



Now, this may seem like an easy answer. Formal shoes always look good with jeans. Isn't it right?

Well, no. The choice of men's casual boots to wear with jeans is not always easy.

Typically, this is a difficult job to find a perfect pair of casual shoes to wear with jeans.

The Basic formula to choose men's casual footwear with jeans

  1. Choose a pair of navy blue jeans with a pair of black leather casual shoes.
  2. The dark color plates will create uniformity with the look and avoid a clash.
  3. Don't forget to combine a sweatshirt with an overcoat. It will bring much-needed formality with the light colors.

Think About this

The smart casual style is little different from the formal one. It allows you more freedom with the choice of shoes.

Try a crisp white shirt with a pair of light blue straight jeans and get your hands on brown or black desert boots.

This sleek and simple design works fine in both formal and informal outlooks.

Add a bit of Formality

If you need an extra layer of clothes, then don't hesitate to wear a sports jacket or tweed blazer. This will give you a bit of formality, while not becoming completely professional like a suit would.

What to Wear with Skinny Jeans?

Chelsea boots


If the Jeans are very tight, then the shoes can't be too chunky. You need a slimline and simple casual shoes with your skinny tight jeans.

Chelsea boots are the perfect pair of men's casual shoes to pair with jeans.

Try this with Black Jeans

  1. Brown casual shoes with black jeans need to be well balanced.
  2. So if you are wearing tan or brown Chelsea shoes, make sure to wear a jacket of the same color.
  3. If you don't have Chelsea casual shoes, then brogues and jeans are always the best combinations.

Infographic: A Visual Guide To Men’s Dress Shoes

Men’s Dress Shoes


The Conclusion

Be formal with Derby Shoes, Oxford Shoes, Loafers, Chelsea or Monk Strap. Bold color and style work fine within a casual outfit.

Follow the above-mentioned tips to find the best men's casual shoes to wear with jeans. If you opt for faded or distressed denim, then pick some classic shoe with dark black or bright white.

Make sure that the length of your jeans rests perfectly on the top of the boot. Never let it drag on the ground. Lace Up and Chelsea scream casual but they are not the only option.

Sneakers can also add some grown up man shade to your ensemble. Last but not the least, when it comes to the color of your boots, always wear boots at least a shade darker than the color of your jeans.

If you are not sure which color to opt for with particular jeans, then the best option is to select black.

It matches all other colors so your choice can never go wrong. Although it is a little less adventurous.

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