Philips Norelco Shaver 3100 Reviews

Is there any girl who doesn't like a clean shaven face? That is smooth and shiny. I know there is none. It is also important for men to have the best beard trimmer to keep themselves looking shiny and handsome with smooth clean shaved face.​

 There are so many kinds of electric shaver looks so lucrative to use but has not so durable features that will meet your requirement.

Check out Philips Norelco electric shaver 3100, it is guaranteed that you will not switch to any other electric shaver for a long time.

If you think I am bluffing then please go through this Philips Norelco Shaver 3100 reviews and be a fan of it.


Why you should trust us

Yes, right question, who are we to trust about Philips Norelco Shaver 3100 reviews.

Let me clear one thing, we are working with this awesome electric shaver for some long time.

Before this, we worked with many other electric razors but did not get any satisfactory result. Then we got this electric trimmer and we fell in love with it.

Before going on the talking of the electric shaver, let us talk about our site and work:

  • At first, we made sure that our site is responsive and standard in design.
  • Products of our site are real and available.
  • Our valuable customer gives all the honest reviews.
  • The payment method is clear and transparent.
  • We are bound to keep the information of our client top secret.
  • Our work is mainly with men personal care products. We have all kinds of products that man needs the most while grooming.
  • We tested, tried and researched design, the performance of different types of features.
  • Took ideas about the material, action time from all the expertise.
  • Also followed some buying guide, user experience, and customers review.​

How we picked

You have to consider some important points while picking the best beard trimmer. It is the quite tough job because you have to be alert about not to miss one point.

Anyway, the points are:

  • Type of Skin – This point is very important to consider. Because it is the skin where you will get this shaver to work with. If the skin doesn't adjust with the blade or shave properly then there is no need to use the shaver.

    Nowadays the technology has improved and there are modern the features that work with skin with care and safe way. However, some companies sometimes forget to think about the human body and the reaction to get more sale.

    They add some features that harmful for skin. So you have to select the perfect one to use. But most of the shavers have the features that are perfect for every skin type. Like the blades are so sharp that you can cut the hair just in one stroke, 100% tested by a dermatologist and don’t cause any irritation like burn and cut.
  • Choosing the perfect gel - It is important while shaving you have to select the perfect gel for perfect blade. Some blade works perfectly in dry and wet both types. But some blade doesn't work in dry skin.

    That time you have to use gel to shave. But if your skin doesn't allow the gel to work then it will be hard to do the shaving. So before using shave and gel, you have to know your skin type and the shaver blade condition.
  • Shaving time - You may not give this task so much important whether you shave regular or sometimes. If you shave regular than it doesn't take so much time. Just start your trimmer and clean the little tiny hairs that are trying to come out.

    For this, you will need the foil electric shaver. You will be pleased to see the finish that this electric razor does. It is perfect to give fast clean shave before going to office or meeting. But for those who do shave after some time and has strong and harsh facial hair, they need rotary electric shavers. This shaver has blades, which moves round and round and helps to reach the blades in the unreachable place to shave well. Make sure the shaver has enough charge to give you support till the finishing of shaving.

How We Tested

Now it is time for testing. Before going for testing we have to focus on some features. They are:

Types of electric shavers

The electric shavers come in two types as we said earlier. They are rotary or foil cutting blades.

Both are important for their different function ability. We tested them on every skin and marked in different categories.

Let’s discuss a little about the types:


The foil shavers have a head design, which is floating and perfect for shaving in the facial curves.

The oscillate cutters work behind the pierced screen. The feature of the foil shaver makes it very user-friendly and popular among frequent shavers.


This kind of shaver has 3/4 floating heads which are designed to give a clean shave on the curves.

There are spin cutters, which works behind a grid. This machine is fast, smooth and clean shave.


You will be dazzled to see the modern electric razors design, which is great in look and offers smooth shaving.

You have to check the manual instruction for deciding which one will work for you.

Battery life

You have to give charge before using the shaver machine. Generally, saver machine needs 1-12 hour to get charged.

This charge gives you 7-time shave without using electricity. Some shaver can give you emergency backup like 5-10 minutes.

It mainly depends on the battery life and made.

Automatic Shutdown

This feature is important. Because overcharging is not safe for any products. We tested which shaver indicates while its battery is full of charge.

If the shaver indicates then you have to pull out the charger or else the battery will not last long.

So every shaver must have the option of automatic shutdown. So It will keep the battery safe.


We tested if every shaver has the option of showing low battery warning. Because if the battery will stay low and you don’t know this then you may look wild in your official meeting for not able to shave properly.

Power Cord

It is a must have feature. Every time you can’t depend on the battery life. The cord plays a big role when you are in hurry and your shaver has no charge.

Cleaning is easy

Every product must have this feature. If your shaver is not easy to clean then you will have to spend a lot of time in just cleaning shaver.

We have tested and found that some shaver has cleaning brush, some have the option to clean by the rinse and some have a self-cleaning technology.

Trimming Long-Hair

Sometimes this action is required. We gave the extra point to those shavers who have this feature.

In the testing process, we tried on some men with foil and rotary men's shavers. After a week, we tested the difference in every shape and marked them as the best basis.

We also tested the sound, easy cleaning, and battery life. After doing this entire test we have selected Philips Norelco Electric shaver 3100 as the top most popular shaver in town for men.

At a glance Philips Norelco Electric shaver 3100

Philips Norelco Electric shaver 3100 is a user-friendly and fast beard trimmer for men. Anyone can use it as it is perfect for every skin and hair.

Philips Norelco Electric shaver 3100

Philips Company is very well known for its unique and productive products.

They are famous for lighting, personal care, and household electric products. Moreover, the products are awesome in feature and performance.

Among their popular personal care products, Philips Norelco Electric shaver 3100 is the most demanding shaver among men. This shaver is reasonable in price and has long lasting features.

There are many kinds of shavers in a market but Philips Norelco Electric shaver 3100 reviews are quite impressive.

The best thing about the shaver is the blade is rotary design and provides comfortable sensitive free trim.

The trimmer has comfort cut head with round edge. The flexible system has four directions.

This direction ensures comfort while shaving. The shaver has LED display, which is waterproof and has the touch screen which helps in easy trimming.

You will also experience a handy pop up trimmer, which is very useful while you are using it.

You can charge the trimmer for 8 hours. This trimmer is modern in new design and features.

The user-friendly technology of this trimmer helps to give a smooth shave in fast time. The blades are rust assistant and stay sharp in any situation.

Do not get scared after hearing the blade sharp, they are designed to give you smooth cut without harming your skin.

Your sensitive skin also is safe in this shaver. This shaver has lithium –ion battery that is long lasting and powerful.

You will enjoy your shaving time with pleasure and smooth way.

Product Features

  • Philips Norelco Electric shaver 3100 gives you easy and comfortable shave.
  • Powerful shaver in reasonable price.
  • The blades are comfort cut and have round edge. The edges help to move easily on the skin and provide a safe shave.
  • The flex heads are 4 directions. These directions help in giving easy to reach shaves in curved and narrow place of your body.
  • Battery Lithium-ion and provides power for long years.
  • After finishing shave, you can clean the shaver easily by pressing one touch button. Just press the button and rinse it under water without any problem.
  • The trimmer has the pop-up trimmer, which is inbuilt and helps to shave beard, mustache, and sideburns in beautiful shape.
  • You will get 40 minutes shaving without cord after you will get 8 hours charge. And, yes the battery is a powerful Li-ion battery.
  • Impressively full waterproof trimmer.
  • Blades are replaceable and you can use HQ8 blades. You can use the blade for 12 months.
  • The trigger can be changed if it is required.
  • The display is LED.
  • Don’t need dozens of battery, smoothly runs on a single lithium-ion battery
  • If you can give one-hour charge, you will get continuous shave action for 40 -50 minutes without cordless.
  • Very light to use and long lasting material made.
  • The best beard trimmer in reasonable price.
  • This shaver has Aquatec technology, which helps to give a quick shave.
  • Bundle of functions than any other trimmer.
  • Water and rust resistant and easy to clean
  • Flexible shaver
  • Upright grip and portable to carry anywhere.
  • Charging is time-consuming. Takes a long time.
  • The attachments do not have the extra bag to carry, you have to manage one for yourself.
  • This shaver has Jet Clean System and it is a costly attachment of all.
  • When skin is wet, you will get a smooth and clean shave with this shaver, but less performance in the dry shave.
  • Not better option for those who like traditional shave design.
  • Sometimes shaving gives irritating experience.

Frequently asked questions

1. Do the shaver works in 220 volts?

Ans: Yes, in 220 volts the shaver works perfectly.

2. Is the battery life enough to support for a long time?

Ans: The lithium ion battery is very powerful and long lasting.

3. Can I work with it without electricity?

Ans: You can trim your beard in 40 minutes without any support of electricity.

Final Step

Finally, getting the best shave is very important for every man, because if you do not have the clean shave before going to office or meeting, I am the afraid man your boss will not be pleased with all.

Because to look good reflects your personality and lifestyle. So while picking the best trimmer for you, make sure to read this Philips Norelco Shaver 3100 reviews.

Trust me it is honest and true. Men selected it as best electronic shaver after testing and trying.

This shaver is easy to handle and reasonable to own. So man! What are you waiting for, go and grab one.

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