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Looking for a backpack which could satisfy all your needs and makes you stylish too. You have come to the right place.

Backpacks or rucksacks are used during traveling or by young school kids. The most trending backpacks are either the shoulder strap backpack or the rolling backpack.

Rolling backpacks for colleges are typically used by kids who have to carry a dozen of stuff and carrying it on a shoulder strap can be troublesome.

While one must be in a dilemma to choose between shoulder strap or the rolling backpack, we would discuss every prospect in detail.


Comparison Table of Rolling Backpacks For College

J World New York Sunrise Rolling Backpack

Best Sellers Rank

Product Dimensions: 19.5 x 12.5 x 8 inches

Manufacturer: J World New York

Fansela(TM) Unisex Vintage Cool Canvas College Backpack 

Best Sellers Rank

Product Dimensions: 11 x 5.9 x 18.1 inches

Manufacturer: Fansela

Rockland Luggage 19 Inch Rolling Backpack

Best Sellers Rank

Product Dimensions: 19 x 13 x 10 inches

Manufacturer: Rockland

What Is Rolling Backpacks?

Rolling backpacks are backpacks fitted with rollers so that a person could easily maneuver it by pulling.

A lot of potential brands are arising in the global market that is promising and brings out all different kinds of rolling backpack or for traveling.

Before swaying away to the backpack's looks, one should take these notes into consideration when they need to buy a rolling backpack.

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One should consider capacity as a viable factor. The kids should get enough space to even their smallest things.


As pulling some heavy object around may cause quite a bit of pain on a kid's hand, one should definitely take note of the medical safety the bag provides in case anything happens.


The rigidity of the wheels is a key factor. The bag should have the tenacity to hurdle through all obstacles when being dragged out. The handle from which the bag is being pulled around should be strong enough to withstand an adequate amount of force.


Even if a certain product pertains all these aspects but in a kid's eye it is not cool enough to be carried around. Having stylish possessions boosts your confidence and the popularity it brings, Everybody would like to be in the spotlight for a while.


The backpack may contain your valuable possession like laptops, wallets etc and to keep your belongings safe, the backpack should have adequate security measures to protect these valuables.

Everyone is familiar with shoulder strap backpacks. Now the question arises, Which bag is suitable for your kid?

The answer is quite simple. One should use rolling backpacks if they want to carry heavy stuff over long distances and want to avoid any potential medical problems.

If one doesn't carry enormous stuff and want your backpack to be as light as possible then go with Shoulder strap backpacks.

For example, one can buy a backpack according to their torso length. The following table helps to determine the appropriate backpack size by using torso length.Backpack Size Torso Length Extra Small Less than 15 inches Small Between 15 and 17 inches Medium Between 17 and 20 inches Large More than 20 inches.

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Rolling Backpacks for College :2018 Reviews and Top Picks

At A Glance: Our Choices for The Rolling Backpacks for College

These are exactly the ones, every kid would love to have. They are designed to contemplate all the necessary requirements any user would have and have been a consideration. These bags have been able to withstand any test given to them. So, before buying any backpacks, these should be the priority above all.

Why should you trust us?

We have put over 40 hours and tested over 30 brands by putting the product to the extreme point of torture and having thought of every possible situation one could generally face while using backpacks.

Throwing the bag off a cliff etc. these are some of the methods that we have used to crush all the opinions which can be used against us.

We have gone to the leading material expert to check the durability, the quality of the material is used in making of the backpack.

Every backpack has been transferred to different kinds of people so that they could share their experience and as per opinions, more test can be done. Test as deep as at the molecular level were conducted.

How we tested?

Heavy rain, strong winds, all the bags were exposed to see whether they could retain their characteristic appearance or not.

In the case of rolling bags, the emphasis was done on the rigidity of the wheels and exoskeleton. The wheels must have high mobility when they have stumbled across any obstacle.

High, uneven terrains which were the best place to test how the wheels would performance.For easier conditions, the backpack was dragged around for more than 5 kilometers to check the damage on the wheels due to friction.

The exoskeleton was struck with heavy objects like hammer etc to see if any crevices or cracks and to assess how the backpack would work in easier real-life situations.

The focus was given to the places where the backpack faces a high amount of stress and the ways to avoid it.

The problem with rolling backpacks is that when they are taken hold of from handle and the handle faces any kind of a sudden jerk, the handle tends to break down easily so an adequate amount of focus was given onto the handle of the backpack when it was taken through the terrains.

Zipper test was conducted where all the zips were opened and closed simultaneously for more than 2000 times.

The rolling backpacks were dropped from all sides from a certain height to assess the amount of stress it inflicts on the exoskeleton.

The backpacks were swung around with the corners hitting a metal plate to test the reliability of the handle and the corner where the stress is maximum.

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The rolling backpack was made to fall from a certain number of steps in a barrel. This was done to check any appreciable damage to the baggage as a whole unit.

The lock test was conducted by continuously for 10000 cycles to check its durability.Now it's time to take the torture to an easier level.

Now the test is conducted are in real life situations. Every compartment was tested by filling with different types of gear for best use and after through testing, the best way was decided so that the backpack so that it could contemplate the needs of different kinds of user.

Weight is a determining factor in this decision and hence after it was noted in each backpack, a number of gears packed in it to cause a quite a bit of pain on the user.

And in the end, each backpack was taken on an 8-kilometer hike, to show its rigidity and noting the parts which showed considerable symptoms of damage.


J World New York Sunrise Rolling Backpack

The big plus points are the spaciousness the backpack provides and the organized compartments. Its dimensions are

  • 18 inches
  • 13 inches
  • 9 inches

The handle can be locked with a single push button which is the only mechanism for the use of the handle. The front pocket organizer is allotted with pencil holder and zipper pockets.

Product Features
  • The handle can be locked at 3 different heights with the push button so that each user can accommodate the ease of comfort when one uses this backpack.
  • The wheels are reinforced with plastic to enable and smooth and noiseless linear motion.
  • The Straps are padded with air mesh cushion pads which reduce any amount of stress inflicted upon the user if one needs to carry the backpack on his shoulder.
  • Price’s are affordable if one heeds over backpacks. The handle is also quite strong enough to take a heavy force upon itself with a minimum toll on the backpack.
  • It has an approximate weight of around 4 lbs without any gear which can be called lightweight considering the weight of other backpacks.

The flaws with this backpack is that it does not have a soft padding at the bottom for carrying the laptops in the backpack else it may damage the laptop if by any case the backpack hits a bump and if the plastic coating on the wheels gets peeled off then the wheels may be get burnt out due to friction on the road and the size of the backpack is quite big as it can be only placed under the table or in the overhead cabin if taken with oneself on the plane.

So We suggest only those with quite a number of stuff to be carried every day according to their routine. It doesn't have a rain cover though it is water resistant up to some extent. Also, it also has a warranty for a year which it is very low as compared to other brands.


Fansela(TM) Unisex Vintage Cool Canvas College Backpack Rucksack Fit 13-Inch Laptop

This is the best backpack for those who don't need to carry tons of books. Those only who need to accommodate only some gear which is of utmost importance then this is the best one for them. Its dimensions are

  • 11 inches
  • 5.9 inches
  • 18.1 inches

And the compartments are well organized including the front compartment.Apart from the traditional mobile compartment, it provides the compartment for wallet and phone on the inside to protect your valuables from being stolen.

Product Features
  • The leather is the major material used for the production of the bag and it is of the very good quality which makes it durable enough to able to support one's gears during hiking or trekking. One of another prospect is the appealing price.
  • The other side to buying this is that it is so small that it could only hold a 13-inch laptop like Macbook air. It does not have the enough capacity to hold a standard 15.6-inch laptop.
  • The bottom portion of the bag is quite thin so there is a chance that high amount of force can tear the bag and since it is leather, the chances of this happening are very low as it is of good quality but nevertheless, it is one aspect that cannot be undermined.

Rockland Luggage 19 Inch Rolling Backpack Printed

It is one of the rolling backpacks which has the capacity for containing an average person would require and that too in a well-organized way. Its dimensions are

  • 19 inch
  • 13 inches
  • 10 inch

Which is just enough to hold a standard size laptop. For rolling, it is incorporated into a single Aluminium handle.

Product Features
  • The Skate wheels allow the backpack to be maneuvered with minimum efforts and that too with style.
  • It is built with a laptop compartment which ensures the safety of the laptop and It also has a side mesh pocket which just opens the way to accommodate more stuff.
  • It also has a warranty of 3 years which is very reasonable considering its price for about 34 dollars.The backside to this is that it is made of polyester which can also resist water for up to an extent and the handle can become a quite a bit of problem if the continuous amount of high force is inflicted upon it.

Mozone Large Lightweight Water Resistant College School Laptop Backpack Travel Bag

The cool and stylish appearance appeals to the customer which makes it more inclined towards it. The large size

  • 18.5 inches
  • 7 inches
  • 12 inches

And fully padded cushion zone is the perfect place to keep your laptop.

Product Features
  • Made from ultra durable material which is pretty water resistant, but with its additional rain cover, it becomes 100% waterproof. Also, keeps the backpack clean during airport checking if one intends to carry it alongside which is not a big situation to handle as it is designed to keep the durability expected in every real life situation one can think of.
  • The extra padded shoulder straps can be a real life saver when one intends to keep some heavy stuff in it. The only thing that is disappointing is the fact the brand hasn't created the same variant as for a rolling backpack. For average weight in the backpack. This thing couldn't be any sweeter as it contains the perfect blend of everything one could think of.

After conducting the following testing, after this tedious process that took our heart and soul, we have picked our top contender in this expanding global market.

The Rockland backpack is the most suitable for a college kid. The stylish and extravagance it brings upon for the user is not a small thing which can be neglected.

So the winner of this Review is ROCKLAND BACKPACK. And the runner-up is awarded to Mozone College. No variant as a rolling backpack is the only thing which brings it down to the 2nd position.

Care to Look Out for: The ones which are definitely one of the best but that doesn't mean there aren't any who aren't good.

The rising market introduces us to the growing brands and the following brands are also in a class of their own.

Some other features of rolling backpacks

High sierra

Their backpacks are also very good for daily life situations. The stuffed and organized compartments are no doubt only gonna be a plus point.

It also has single push button handle and laptop compartment which can accommodate a standard 17-inch laptop.

Protection at the corners is used to prevent the backpack from any abrasion or any wear and tear. Reflective ascents are a huge bonus which allows the increased visibility to be put to use during the night.


It is made from Nylon and Polyester which is strong to cope with everyday tasks. It can contain a 15-inch laptop and has also got two main large compartments and a front pocket paves the way for easy storage.

The 2 stage handle and the inline wheels allow the bag to move smoothly like butter on a hot pan. The padded straps also easy transition of rolling backpacks into shoulder strap bag.


The Targus highly compact is a unique and stylish bag that provides a whole lot of space for a large number of books.

Documents, folder, and such stuff. It is capable of holding any 16-inch laptop in its specially designed compact laptop sleeve.

2 side mesh pockets allow small items to be kept there and taken out at once with the help of visibility from the side views. This is ideal for carrying in college.

Care and maintenance

Before, blaming a brand for its poor product, one should also be aware of the ways to keep the backpack from any unnecessary damage.

Wash the backpack with hand once in every 6 months to keep the fabric from losing it properties due to impurities.

Should not be washed in washing machine due to attachment of handles and wheels. One should take care of the wheels and the handle too as they are quite delicate in comparison to the exoskeleton of the backpack.

Playing with the handle too much can put unnecessary stress which does not bode well.

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