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7 Facts About Shoes To Wear With Jeans Women’s

Deciding what to wear on a special occasion or in just a normal day will always be women’s first subject in the morning.

There’s a huge space for dilemma to kick in when pairing your clothes from top to bottom including your footwear.

However, I believe that the easiest thing when it comes to finding the perfect match is when you get to decide what shoes to wear for jeans women’s.

Now, I know some of you might not agree with this idea but it’s just easy as one, two, and three.

I listed some tips that would help you get an idea how to pair your shoes with your jeans.


Let’s go Skinny and Sporty!

The common trend right now is the skinny jeans which I know all of you girls are familiar with.

And it has been the number one choice of most fashion bloggers because of its level of comfort and casualness that it can give you.

It just shows off the girls inner self like being free-spirited and outgoing. Skinny jeans are perfect for a shoe that gives that sporty look and comfort for your daily outgoing style.

One sample of shoes that suits well to jeans are sneakers (for women, not the complex one you see in basketball). Sneakers are one of the most wearable shoes you can have to obtain that casual look with your jeans on.

Stepping up your Style

Okay, so, this trend made me go crazy at some point because of that glamor and comfortable look it has.

It makes your whole dress up game on most, especially during fall. It shows off the details of what you wear and I can really appreciate it.

There are actually different kinds of boots that you can wear such as:

Ankle Boots

This boot gives a more rock-style type of a look but definitely one for keeps.

I think every girl should have this one or already has this one because it can be wear at any occasion paired with your jeans.

High Heel Boots

If you are a fashion blogger or thinks of creating your fashion blog, this would be the first one that I would wear for my photos.

Lace-Up Boots

It is also nice and cute. It gives that classy look paired up with your jeans.

Mid-Calf Boots

Perfect for women who go for simplicity and neutral colors.

Dainty Shoes

Dainty Shoes


Another type of shoes are shoes that are more kind of a girly look. Dainty shoes are commonly known to be laced up and or cotton made.

It is usually paired with a high-waist jeans to give emphasis to your long legs. It is one of the many shoes that most girls don’t miss to have.

There are a lot of shoes that you can actually pair up with jeans however, it would depend on the look you want to put up or on the occasion you’ll attend.

5 Pairs Of Shoes (Infographic)



Other types of Shoes

  1. Brogues
  2. Leather Shoes
  3. Monkstraps
  4. Loafers
  5. Slip-on

Nevertheless, anything you paired up with jeans is already nice to look at. The ties between your footwear and your jeans will end when comfort becomes an issue.

But then again, it isn’t about the jeans or the pair of shoes you wear but it’s all about the confidence you wear when you start walking out from your home.

You can learn more about combat boots for women from here. 

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